Sunday, April 5, 2009

Goliath howls

Which is the only country to have used nuclear weapons, mass murdering hundreds of thousands of people in Japan in August 1945? Which country has more nuclear and every other sort of weapon than any other in the world? Which country has troops occupying dozens of nations worldwide? And has invaded sovereign nations scores of times in the last 110 years? Specifically, which country has had tens of thousands of troops stationed in Korea for nearly 60 years, ever since its imperialist invasion of and war against that country intended to block the revolution that was sweeping from north to south? Which country bombed Pyongyang so mercilessly that there was not a single building left standing? And which country has enforced a vicious blockade against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for even longer than its equally criminal blockade against revolutionary Cuba?

Right. That would be the USA. The biggest criminal of the imperialist era. Which insists that only it and its allies have the right to develop and use satellite technology for communications or military purposes, and is now painting the DPRK as the criminal for exerting this right as a sovereign nation. Check out Absent Cause's response to the outrageous attacks on this small, courageous nation that has been under U.S. assault for almost 60 years. For my part, I'm proud of my Korean comrades. They have every right to develop their technology--including for self-defense, which perhaps more than any country on earth they manifestly need, with U.S. nuclear-armed troops massed on their border--and the fact that they've managed to do so despite all the obstacles imposed by imperialism is a testament to their collective strength and determination.This is one of those classic instances when anyone whose heart is with the workers and oppressed has a choice to make. You can step back and ask yourself why there is this overwhelming propaganda campaign against a small country--why in particular the U.S. and Japan, which is the historic imperialist oppressor of Korea, are so intent on preventing the DPRK from achieving missile technology--or you can swallow the nonsensical claim that this impoverished nation that has never invaded anyone somehow poses some sort of threat. Which side are you on?Despite having to constantly divert much-needed resources to self-defense, the DPRK manages to also nourish the arts. Here, a drummer performs last month in China.