Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Call for a pro-left pile-on

It's a little tiring to have to be in high dudgeon all the time, which sometimes seems to be the lot I've assigned myself as a left lit blogger. So lookie here, dear readers: help me out. I'd like to post a corrective of sorts to my repeated plaints about the overwhelming anti-class-struggle slant of the U.S. literary world. A list of books, preferably fiction since that's my main interest but memoirs or biographies would work too, that are oriented toward the other side. Our side. The anti-capitalist, the pro-socialist, the workers' and oppressed peoples' side. I'd like to hear of novels whose protagonists are partisans in this struggle. Many or most may not be contemporary, alas. Such is the state of things. Perhaps I'll already know about them and have read them. But maybe not. Surprise me.

Most of all, I'd love to hear about such novels or memoirs that are current or recent. The pro-struggle antidote to the endless barrage of anti-struggle books.

Help me out here. Anyone who'd like to suggest such a title, please email it to me. Address: my name (see my profile to find it) at