Monday, February 9, 2009

Greece: 'rebellion also in art'

Do political struggle and art have anything to do with each other? It looks like people in the land where some art forms originated think so. The opera house of Athens has been taken over by rebelling workers and students, and is currently in a state of occupation. The occupiers see their action as a continuation of December's massive rebellions that shook Greece--a continuation in the realm of the arts, which they seek to liberate.
December's rebellion, while drawing strength from all previous social struggles, laid the ground for a generalized resistance against everything that offends us and enslaves our lives. ... Nothing is finished; our rage perseveres. ... Rebellion in the streets, in schools and universities, in labor unions, municipal buildings and parks. Rebellion also in art. ... To recover and reclaim the culture that has been stolen from us.
For the full statement and more details as of yesterday, follow this link.