Friday, February 27, 2009

B&N fronts for ICE

Last week Barnes & Noble fired 50 warehouse workers at its Reno, Nevada distribution center in a vile fronting operation for the racist Gestapo-style federal agency ICE--Immigration Control & Enforcement, the Homeland Security agency charged with terrorizing impoverished immigrants whose crime is trying to survive and feed their families. According to this brief report, B&N officials worked with ICE to uncover which of its employees were undocumented, and then dumped them all.

The ongoing ICE raids around the country--sweeps and imprisonment of up to hundreds of workers at a time, almost all of them Latino, Asian/Pacific or Afro-Caribbean, breaking up families, throwing thousands of kids into the foster care system--constitute one of the ongoing outrages, one of the hidden-in-plain-sight horrors that somehow the vast majority of people in this country manage to know nothing about. Barnes & Noble is now complicit.