Friday, February 20, 2009

'For students who work 3 jobs'

The student occupation of NYU's Kimmel Center is now in its third day. The students are holding strong despite the union-busting, exorbitantly expensive, reactionary university administration's moves against them, including cutting off electricity and contact with the outside. I'll be taking my lunch hour at noon to attend a support demonstration. From the Take Back NYU website, here's an excerpt from a recent statement on behalf of the occupation:
This is for the students who work three jobs to attend the school of their dreams. This is for the students in Gaza, whose university is destroyed and [who] can no longer study. This is for workers in Abu Dhabi building our facilities with no human rights to speak of. We are a global university and our actions are connected to world events, whether we like it or not. It is our responsibility. We have voices. Let's use them.
UPDATE: As of 1:30, all the students have been ousted from the Kimmel Center. NYU moved against them, swiftly and brutally, physically removing most of them. The administration has informed all students who took part in the occupation that they are suspended from school, and is at this moment evicting from student housing any who live in NYU buildings.Here is Take Back NYU leader Farah Khimji speaking to the press moments after she was roughed up by NYU security and dragged out of the building. She and the other occupation leaders vowed to keep up the fight, both for their original demands and for amnesty for all participants.