Friday, January 30, 2009

The rehabilitation of Ted Haggard

HBO is heavily promoting its new film about Ted Haggard and Haggard himself is merrily making the rounds of TV talk shows promoting himself and I am gagging uncontrollably.

Haggard, for anyone who's forgotten, is the ultra-reactionary vicious, truly truly viciously anti-gay, fundamentalist minister who used to head a big national grouping and preach at one of those scary mega-churches. He especially loved to preach about how homosexuals were all going to hell. Then he got outed by one of his male lovers, and the hypocrite slunk off in disgrace. Now, only a couple years later, he's ba-a-ack! And we're all supposed to sympathize with his plight and empathize with his struggle to--that's right, because he's still a religious fundamentalist--overcome his sinful predilections. With not one word of apology, as far as I've heard, for his horrid hateful career that may have driven we'll never know how many young gays and lesbians to suicide.

Here's a hilarious and dead-on song about the whole sorry spectacle, from Roy Zimmerman.