Friday, January 23, 2009

Ms. OOW's to-read piles

After posting far too many words lately, it's time for a change of pace. So here's a look at what Ms. OOW's* current to-read piles, which take up a fair amount of yardage in both the bedroom and home office, look like.

The next installments of my response to Mr. AYW's denunciation of a political aesthetic will be less verbose than those last couple. I hope. No, really, it shouldn't be too hard to be more concise from here on out because much of the rest of my case can largely be made by simply listing book titles. The political work that succeeds as art. The political work that the establishment lauds, even while denying the possibility of political art. The political art the rest of the world reads and loves. And so on.

What's pitiful about these piles is how little of my to-read list they reflect, and how long some of these books have waited to actually be read. It's a mysterious matter, deciding what the next book will be. Perhaps I'll explore it here in some future post. I will note, though, that much if not most of the fiction that I read comes from the library, both because I can't afford to buy all the books I want to read (the look of these piles notwithstanding) and because I've learned my lesson after buying far too many books that upon reading I didn't like.

*Ms. OOW, that's me: Obscure Older Writer.