Monday, January 5, 2009

"There's nothing brave about oppressing"

As promised, I'm posting below a few pictures I took at Saturday's New York demonstration in support of the suffering people of Gaza. First, though, check out what poet Remi Kanazi had to say there.

Remi is the organizer and editor of Poets for Palestine.

These guys on the left are from an orthodox Jewish grouping that rejects Zionism and stands in solidarity with the Palestinians. They've made some beautiful statements about how massacres and racism are anathema to Judaism. Their religiosity creeps me out, but their humanity is righteous: they made an exception to their Sabbath rules to take part in the Saturday demonstration because Israel's attack on Gaza constitutes a crisis about which they believe they must not remain silent. As for an atheist like me who identifies with my people's heritage of fighting for the oppressed, a heritage horribly besmirched by the Israeli state, the sign at the right says it all.