Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama one year later: Saturday in NYC

This Saturday at 4:00 at the Solidarity Center in Manhattan, Larry Holmes will be the main speaker at a Black History Month forum. His topic: "Obama One Year Later--A Critical Assessment from a Marxist Perspective."

If you're in the NYC area and you like many are wondering what now, I'd urge you to check out what Larry has to say. He's a fantastically exciting speaker and an incisive, astute political analyst.

Larry has been an indefatigable fighter in the working-class struggle for some 35 years now. He's also written some important work, including a 1970s pamphlet called "Weber Was Wrong, the Steel Workers Were Right" about the fight to defeat an anti-affirmative-action attack on the union.

Most important, this comrade offers a keen insight that hones in on the class truth and thus shines a light on the way forward.

Hope to see you Saturday.