Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helping Haiti

This is helpful, from the Bail Out the People Movement:

EMERGENCY RELIEF FOR HAITI--To make a tax-deductible financial donation to help with immediate delivery of first aid relief to Haiti, send checks to IFCO/Haiti Relief, 418 West 145th St., New York, NY 10031. See to get more information and/or to donate by credit card. (IFCO stands for Interreglious Foundation for Community Organization, which, with Pastors for Peace, has done wonderful international solidarity work for many years, under the lead of the Rev. Lucius Walker.) Also, to donate first aid supplies and personal hygiene goods,contact Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees at 718-735-4660. These are the folks to trust to actually work to aid the people--unlike the Pentagon, which is exploiting this tragedy to step up its occupation of Haiti; U.S. domination and exploitation are a big part of the cause of that country's poverty, and are not the solution.

Meanwhile, the focus of tomorrow's Wall Street rally on Dr. King's birthday has been shifted. It will now be a solidarity event with the people of Haiti. More here. Be sure to scroll down to the petition demanding that the Wall Street bank bonuses go instead to the people of Haiti.