Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Blogger has been messing with me. I'm very frustrated because after having just cooked up a nice posting with about eight links and comments and posting it, I thought, it has disappeared. I don't have time to recreate it. So here's a shorthand version--if any of it interests anyone, you can google to find the links yourself. Sorry.

Garrison Keillor may have been joking but his meanspirited anti-Semitic rant in the Baltimore Post last week was not funny. I feel sorry for all the Upper West Side NPR devotees.

Kool & the Gang played Havana yesterday. Celebrate good times!

African American activists have issued a "We Stand With Cuba" proclamation, via the Pan African News Service.

Sign up to commit to read books by authors of the African diaspora in 2010.

Is Avatar one more self-serving fantasy of a white savior leading a Native fightback, or a story of bravery and solidarity a la John Brown? Debate rages.

In today's New York Times, Natalie Angier, my favorite popular science writer, takes on Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals and the case that whether it has a face is the proper criterion for what living things we should eat. Plants too have vibrant lives and want to stay alive, she says.

Mexico City has legalized same-sex marriage. Teresa and I haven't managed to cross the border into Connecticut to make the government recognize us, so I don't know why I'm now fantasizing about making a much longer trip, but I am.

No disrespect to Jeanette Winterson, but her review of a new biography of Patricia Highsmith in this past Sunday's New York Times Book Review epitomizes the non-review approach of that organ. She wrote a lively, informative biographical essay about Highsmith, but there are only a couple sentences tacked on at the end about the book supposedly under review.

Finally, today is my mother's birthday. She would have been 88. Last Mother's Day I wrote this about her.