Sunday, December 13, 2009

If yer buyin stuff right about now

I'm mostly not this year. Except that we've got a brand new extremely adorable grand-nephew who, although I haven't been able to get to Texas to meet, I thoroughly enjoy joining Teresa in sending gifts to.

Still, there's time yet ... if past years are any gauge, I'll probably soon break down and decide I've just got to gift some grownups too. When I do, here's where I'll head. Fast delivery, I'm told, is guaranteed. is the hot spot for political tee-shirts, posters, buttons and the like. There's some really great looking stuff here, much of it the work of my Miami comrade Mike Martinez.

Then there's Leftbooks.comfor books,
calendars, music, cards and more. This outfit is run by my comrades, too, these in Los Angeles.

If you feel the pull toward gift-giving during the holiday season, and what the hell there's no shame in that, you'd be a purer soul than I if you were able to resist it, please do consider making some of your purchases from RadicalJack and Leftbooks.
Both these online stores are at once labors of love and funding sources, albeit modest, for the struggle.