Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back soon, till then a little limn

I've found myself in an unexpectedly busy time. Busy on all fronts. But the miscellaneous category is what matters here, because it's from this category's spare moments and rare pockets of energy that I usually draw to pull together postings for this blog. For some reason the miscellany (chores of various kinds, medical appointments, etc.) has piled up lately and I just haven't had the moments or pockets to blog. I will soon.

Until then, check this out. A cogent, angry comment from Joy Castro on the character and consciousness of the literary powers that be.

And this. I haven't yet followed through on plans to feature excerpts here from the great new anthology Liberation Lit. I do still plan to do so, although it may be not in as systematic a way as I'd like. For now, consider this, to whet your appetite. It's from the long essay "Fiction Gutted: The Establishment and the Novel" by Liberation Lit co-editor Tony Christini. This is from page 575.
Misrepresentation 14--pre-eminence of the "subtle": "Subtlety of analysis is what's important," says [James] Wood. Not striking analysis, subtlety, which is another word for nuance--the establishment's all-time favorite word for the truncated range of its preferred fiction. Nuance is even more cherished than "limn." Subtlety--that by which never have so many nuanced so much to limn toward so little. Wood portrays the novel as sort of subtle styled character sketches of great sensitivity--a basic misrepresentation of the nature and scope of fiction, imaginative literature in full.