Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pittsburgh police state

Martial law was in effect on Thursday and Friday in Pittsburgh, where not only police but also National Guard troops attacked anyone and everyone--folks protesting the G20 imperialist confab, University of Pittsburgh students who hadn't started out as protesters but ended up joining once their campus was besieged by police attackers and tear gas fumes seeped into their dorm rooms, trade unionists and unemployed workers.

The week had started on Sept. 20 with a march for jobs, seen here, which was followed by a weeklong tent city encampment in the Hill district, the center of Pittsburgh's Black community, which has been hit hardest by this latest economic crisis added on top of the earlier decimation of the steel industry. Full coverage in Workers World newspaper.

I'm having trouble loading any of them here, but you can watch scenes of the Setp. 24-25 police attacks in any of the many videos that have been posted at Youtube. Something over 140 people were arrested, some for exercising their first amendment right to peacefully assemble and many others simply for being alive on a Pittsburgh street.