Monday, September 21, 2009

1 million in Havana for 'Peace w/o Borders'

Colombian superstar singer Juanes called it "the most beautiful dream of peace and love." Over a million Cubans filled Revolution Plaza for the Peace Without Borders concert in Havana yesterday. What a gorgeous sight.

One of the greatest experiences of my life was spending May Day 1996 at this same site watching a million Cubans marching for the revolution. We in the international guests' bleachers sat across from the stand where Fidel and the other leaders greeted the marchers. When everyone stood still and sang The Internationale it was spine-tinglingly moving--being there, singing it alongside a nation of people who were actually making a revolution, singing it across the way from one of the greatest revolutionaries in history, and, because I was surrounded by international delegations, hearing it sung in many different languages at once so that the very essence of the song as an ode to international solidarity rang out loud and clear.

Kudos to Juanes and the other artists who withstood counterrevolutionary pressure and performed yesterday in Havana.