Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zionism is racism--against literature too

U.S. politicians always refer to Israel as "the only democracy in the Mideast." As if more evidence of what a hypocritical lie this is were needed, the Zionist apartheid state whose very essence is racism has now tried to shut down the Palestine Festival of Literature--twice!

Israeli soldiers block the entrance to the Palestine National Theater in East Jerusalem on May 23. (Photo from the Alternative Information Center)

On opening night, May 23, and now again on the festival's closing night, May 28, Israeli troops moved to bar the scheduled literary events from taking place and to silence the voices of the participating writers.

Court order banning literary festival posted on door. (Photo from Palfest website)

The Palestinian people, however, have long experience at this sort of thing, and both times the festival's organizers were able to quickly move to a new venue and carry on.

Thanks to Behind the Lines for posting the alert to this Israeli assault on artistic freedom.