Monday, May 4, 2009

Looking-forward-to-it links

The Bay Area Reporter gives a rave review to Vestal McIntyre's Lake Overturn. If I remember correctly, this author was more or less discovered when the editors of Open City found a story of his in their slush pile a few years back and went crazy over it. I'm looking forward to reading this first novel by one of our new gay literary stars.

The Slate Gallery in Brooklyn has a show of recent paintings by Dorothy Robinson coming up. Come join me at the opening reception this Friday, May 8, from 6 to 9 p.m. to check out the work of this gifted artist. I met Dorothy last summer when we both spent a month at an arts colony. Her painting "Continental Drift," which will be part of the Slate Gallery show, is a product of her time there.

A play about Harry Hay and Rudy Gernreich and how they founded the Mattachine Society: The Temperamentals, now playing at the Studio Theater. I'd like to go; going to see if I can swing it.

Nabbed it! I got a review copy of Sarah Waters' new novel The Little Stranger at the Strand last week, a month before the official publication date. But now I can't decide if I should dive in ... or save it for a more leisurely savor during my vacation two months from now. Hmm.