Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flannery fandom backlash

I've wondered how long it would take for my little communist lit blog to draw attacks. Perhaps it's happened before without my knowing it. In any case, my post about Flannery O'Connor's racism, which dissents from the generally held view of her, has drawn a dis from a blogger who calls my piece "a joke O'Connor would have enjoyed." Hmm. As not even her acolytes deny, O'Connor enjoyed racist "jokes" most of all, so this seems to me to rather widely miss the mark. No matter. The point is clear, and it's the same as the standard version.

(Yes, I revised this post a bit from the first edition. One thing I resolved when I began this blog about six months ago was that I wouldn't get involved in blog wars. So I thought better about naming my critic and characterizing or linking to his bit of snark directed toward me. The substantive issue, the angle of attack of literary analysis, is what's interesting, so I won't stray from it.)