Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today is the 65th anniversary of the Nakba: the catastrophe that was the official creation, backed by the full force of U.S. imperialism, of the state of Israel based on the expulsion of three-quarters-of-a-million Palestinians from their homes and homeland.

Today roughly 7 million refugees, those expelled and their descendants, take to the streets worldwide to demand the right to return.

Today all who support and defend the right to self-determination of all peoples stand with the heroic Palestinian people.

In less than two weeks there will be a focus on the struggle's literary front as the fifth annual Palestine Festival of Literature convenes. As in past years, PalFest features a great array of writers, Palestinians and others, in what looks like a fabulous series of programs "in cities across all of historical Palestine," as the organizers have announced. Most every year Israeli state forces attempt to block or disrupt one or another session, but PalFest cannot be stopped. Here's a list of participants over the years. Read their work! And here's an interesting commentary from a British author about how PalFest educated him and improved his novel.