Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On hiatus

It's nearly three weeks since I've posted anything here. And though I've read three books in that time, and have stuff to say about two of them, maybe all three, one of them I even fouled with notes on the pages as I read, something I rarely do--despite all that, despite my best intentions to come here and spout off, it's time to conclude that it's not going to happen. Not now, probably not at all for the next little while at least. I don't have the time or the focus, mostly because I'm writing a lot and there's no reserve brain space left to devote to Read Red. So this is to acknowledge that.

From what I've seen, three years is the standard shelf life for a blog. It may be that this one is fading out naturally. I'm not ready to say this is a final goodbye, though. I may pop back occasionally, Read Red may even come roaring back to full-fledged life. Can't say. We'll see.

As for me as a virtual entity, I'm content to see my online presence shrink. I quit Facebook several months ago and am glad I did. I've never had a Twitter account, having no interest in anyone's 140-character surface skim nor desire to spew my own. Such stories and poems of mine as were published in online lit zines over the years are still there. For honest to goodness interaction, I'm easy enough to find.

This is a good time in my life. In fact, I believe I'm having a second flowering as I swing through the second half of my 50s. For now, blogging isn't part of the bloom. If and when it is again, I'll be back.